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Aviation fuels require the application of some strict controls to assure their quality and the use of very precise protocols to promote security during the decanting and supply operations. All these procedures are technically defined with accuracy and standardized by official bodies and mainly included in the legislation of each country.However, these bodies usually  just provide the criteria for applying these controls and protocols when working inside airport facilities, but year after year there is an increasing demand for aviation fuels outisde these kinds of enclosures.

As a result, ROVIRA AVIATION was born with the intention of giving their customers an aviation fuel storage and logistics service in compliance with the same fuel quality controls and security procedures applied inside an airport even when these services are carried out outside.

ROVIRA AVIATION - Avda. Zona Industrial, s/n 08180 MOIÀ - BARCELONA, SPAIN - +34 938207777 - info@aviationfuel.es