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AT 20.000

AT 20.000 is the acronym of Aviation Tank 20.000. AT 20.000 is a 20.000 litres capacity static transportable fuel cistern that makes possible nozzle over-wing fuel supply, to fill the fuelcistern by its own means and aspiration of external tanks with self-filtration. Its large capacity make it appropriate to supply fuel to those high consumption aircrafts working on permanent or temporary bases.


AT 20.000 main features

Fully autonomous cistern thanks to a petrol generator with 18 hours of autonomy.

Single watertight independent compartment of 20.000 litres capacity made of aluminium.

500 mm diameter charging hole with security valve.

Cistern assembled on a 20 food container stainless steel structure.

Side proteccion structure against turning over in the middle of the cistern's height.

Upper aluminium handrail in compliance with the occupational rik prevention regulations.

Monitor filter in compliance with API/EI 1583 with 380 l/min nominal flow.

40 metres of 1¼ inches aviation refuelling hose in compliance with EN 1361.

Electronic Totalizer that can be predeterminated.

Fit Nozzle for aviation fuels supply.


AT 20.000 cisterns are mainly used in forest fire campaigns in summer or in any other jobs that demand  high fuel consumption. In addition, AT 20.000 is equipped with important electronic control mechanisms such as a bottom water detector or an upper opened cover indicator to warn the worker of a possible fuel contamination. These kinds of tanks are widely used to supply  fuel to  aircrafts working against forest fires in many regions of Spain (Catalunya, Canary and Balearic Islands, Galícia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Castilla La Mancha, Aragón, Comunidad de Madrid, Extremadura and Navarra).

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