at 3000

AT 3.000

at 3000

AT 3.000 is the acronym of Aviation Tank 3.000. AT 3.000 is a 3.000 litres capacity fuel cistern designed for sport, commercial or private aviation that require low fuel consumption. Despite being a static cistern, it can be moved at will whenever necessary and does not need a legalization project since it is not a traditional fuel tank.


AT 3.000 main features

Single watertight independent compartment of 3.000 litres capacity made of aluminium.

3 inches diameter charging hole with security valve.

Inner diffuser to avoid the cascade effect (static electricity).

Side protection structure against turning over made of rectangular aluminium tube of 5,5 mm thikness.

Two fork lift and two crane supports to be lifted.

60 l/min 220 V flameproof motor pump. In case no power supply is available a 12/24 V flameproof motor pump can be assembled.

Monitor filter in compliance with API/EI 1583 with 80 l/min nominal flow.

15 meters of ¾ inches aviation refuelling hose in compliance with EN 1361. The length of the hose can be longer under request.

Mechanical totalizer with both current and cumulative flow.

Fit Nozzle for aviation fuels supply.

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The use of AT 500 for companies or individuals set up in airfields or airports without refuelling service or just to make self fuel consumption without waiting on apron fuel service is widely extended. Relying on AT 3000 as a static tank to supply fuel to aircrafts working in distant places from regular refuelling points is also very common.



AT 3.000 equipment is ATEX-marked because it is built in compliance with the European Directive 94/9/EC "on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)". Specifically, it is 3G IIAT3 marked and under request can be delivered 2Gc IIAT3 marked.

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